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Re: some questions about cvs

From: Mike Pumford
Subject: Re: some questions about cvs
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 10:12:56 +0100

> I am new for CVS. I install a cvs1-11 for Win98 and I use it as command 
> line client to connect to CVS server following the command below:
> cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/usr/cvs/dav4j login
> the error message I got is below:
> (Logging in to address@hidden)
> CVS.EXE [login aborted]: could not find out home directory
> How should I figure it out? Thanks 
You need to set the evironment variable HOME to the name of a directory 
on your machine in AUTOEXEC.BAT. Adding a line like:
set HOME=C:\

will do that. When you log into a CVS pserver CVS 
needs to create a file to kep the login details in. Unix programs use 
the home directory to store per user configuration.


PS. You will probably get better responses on the mailing list if you 
send plain text rather than HTML formatted messages. Replying to HTML 
e-mail is very hard if you have a text only based e-mail client as many 
people on this list do.

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