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differenting cvs users privileges

From: Imre Oolberg
Subject: differenting cvs users privileges
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 11:26:20 +0200 (EET)


i have used CVS for some time, i believe successfully. I mean it satisfied
my needs. But now i am tring to set up somewhat more elaborated CVS
repositoire and i got stuck :(

What i have in mind is a sinlge repository, accessable over pserver and
CVS users are not native UNIX users. Under the repository i plan to set up
several cataloges ie projects and i want to restrict access to certain
projects only to certain CVS users.


So i though, i define separate modules according to a projects and
'somewhere' show what CVS user is permitted to deal with which module. I
think it doesnt need to be more grained like to provide some users read-only and
other read-write access. Just access vs no-access.

But i couldnt figure out where is that 'somewhere' :(


Other possibility, i guess its the way i need to go is to create for each
project separate repository. But at some point inside the repository my
appear the need to differentiate the users anyway. So this is temporary

In addition there was warning that inetd.conf allows its lines to be fixed
length and it might be a problem with multiple repositories. I need to
check it out on my system which is slackware current but may become any
linux if it needs to)

3. As a last resort i thought i start fiddleing with CVS repository file
permissions/ownership but thats to surgical and not clean way. I
understood that repository should be dealt with only using cvs's means ie
checkout even CVSROOT module and then checking it back in.

I hope i didnt disturb you with my sick reflections and there is an easy
answer to what i want to do, i just seem not to see i myself!

Best Regards, Imre

PS That i found already out that for using non-UNIX CVS users i still need
at least one system users under who's rights the actual access to CVS
repository will be performed. Ie. files will be owned by that user.

My CVSROOT/passwd is like


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