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Re: Renaming a branch

From: Karl-Heinz Marbaise
Subject: Re: Renaming a branch
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 13:25:52 +0200

Hi Boris,

i assumbe you mean rename the branch tag?

cut from the Cederquvist...:

   When we say "rename" a tag, we mean to make a different name point
to the same revisions as the old tag.  For example, one may have
misspelled the tag name and want to correct it (hopefully before others
are relying on the old spelling).  To rename a tag, first create a new
tag using the `-r' option to `cvs rtag', and then delete the old name.
This leaves the new tag on exactly the same files as the old tag.  For

     cvs rtag -r old-name-0-4 rel-0-4 tc
     cvs rtag -d old-name-0-4 tc

Kind regards.

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