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End Of Line Problem

From: Erdinc Kocaman
Subject: End Of Line Problem
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 15:46:57 +0300


I am developing applications on Win2K and deploy on Unix. Also my CVS
repository stays on Unix system.

I import my project, checkout and build it on Win2K properly. But when I try
to build it on Unix, "make" gives error. I know this error due to difference
of end of line convention btw Unix and Windows.

For this reason, I can't use CVS currently. I think if I prevent CVS convert
the end of of line characters, this problem disappears.

Is there an option to prevent CVS convert end of line characters? Or do you
know another way to solve this problem?

Erdinç Kocaman
Software Engineer
BILKOM, Apple Authorized Distributor

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