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Re: Newbie query on login

From: Thor A. Lange
Subject: Re: Newbie query on login
Date: 25 Jun 2001 21:37:57 +0200
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>>>>> "kamesh" == kamesh jayachandran <address@hidden> writes:

    kamesh> My another query was where on the server side(which file)
    kamesh> cvs server keeps to store the information about each user
    kamesh> who has logged in.  Say I am logging in to local cvs
    kamesh> server from the cvs client like `cvs -d
    kamesh> :pserver:address@hidden:/opt/cvsroot login` After
    kamesh> successful login it creates an entry in the .cvspass in my
    kamesh> home directory like,
    kamesh> ":pserver:address@hidden:/opt/cvsroot Aedh0ed"
    kamesh> According to my understanding for each operation on the
    kamesh> server,this magic string ("Aedh0ed") has to be sent to the
    kamesh> server by the client("just like HTTP COOKIES").For that
    kamesh> the server has to validate this magic string on the server
    kamesh> side ......?where it will keep the info to validate
    kamesh> against?

The "Aedh0ed" is your encrypted password which the server uses to
authenticate you!

If you want to keep track of connections to your server you could do
it through the "tcpserver" which spawns the server - I guess you use
inetd??? At we use the tcpserver from D. J. Bersteins
ucspi-tcp package ( Through this you are capable of
setting a various limits on the connections along with logging the
connecting IP's plus the pid of the spawned server. So I guess that
you could kill a connection by killing the corresponding pid...


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