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Re: cvs user authentication

From: Gerhard Sittig
Subject: Re: cvs user authentication
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 19:57:09 +0200

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 11:16 -0400, kamesh jayachandran wrote:
> I have to set up cvs across the organisation of 400+ people.I
> can create regular system accounts for all the users(400) and
> group them according to their projects.
> I do not want to create regular system account instead a single
> system account for the project with which only the project
> manager alone can login and create cvs specific users(not
> system users) and change the password of cvs specific users for
> that project.
> Any utility exist for this purpose?

An :ext: access method with CVS_RSH=`which ssh`.  You can connect
to the one project specific account on the server side, limit the
remote commands to "cvs server" (you do use identity file style
auth, don't you?) and have the one person with the shell access
create and hand out (as well as change) different private keys.
Read the sshd (the authorized_keys format section) and the ssh
(its configuration file) manpages.  Plus look for the URLs
describing the setup for different platforms, they flew by here
on the list several times.

Alternatively you could set up multiple cvs repos (one per
project) with pserver access, each running under the project
manager's account.  But this sucks.  The list archive will tell
you why you don't want pserver access (it's a hack and actually
should die real soon, i.e. ripped out to form some :ext: style

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