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Re: CVS and updating modules

From: Rudolf Balada
Subject: Re: CVS and updating modules
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 17:11:30 +0200


I was solving similar problem. How to catch information about update on
files on alias. I solved that by storing old working directory, doing
"fresh" checkout of the alias and then diffing list of files and diffing
files itself. It's not much pretty, but it's working for me and it
generates "cvs update log" so I can catch information about update in
files. I don't know whether such solution would be enough for you.


Pavel Kalianko wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a following problem. I have defined an alias module where I exclude
> several directories. Checkout goes fine. But when I do cvs update -d then
> the excluded directories in the module appear again. I know that -d option
> is supposed to have this behavior.
> My problem is then to do cvs update which would still exclude the
> directories defined in the module. Not using -d option creates another
> problem. cvs update will not update new directories which were not
> excluded in the module and were added after chekout.
> Can anybody help me with this?
> Thanks
> Pavel
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