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Does "cvs update" return anything?

From: Dorthe Luebbert
Subject: Does "cvs update" return anything?
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 01:34:34 +0200


I wrote a script in Perl to update a directory tree with several
installations of the same cvs module.
The script traverses the directory tree, whenever it reaches the
searched directory it updates with "cvs update". The problem is that the
script works fast and the cvs server cannot stand the amount of requests
(hypothesis). I wonder if 
a) "cvs update" returns anything (like "connection was not successfull")
b) I can pipe the cvs update result anywhere (cvs update | grep
"connection refused" --> does one not work...) :-(

I just want to find out wether the cvs update was successful or not and
stop the script in case it was not.

Thanx for your help


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