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RE: cvsweb

From: Furmaniuk, Michael
Subject: RE: cvsweb
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 07:48:57 -0400

If you put the scripts in the proper directory and changed the conf file to
meet your settings then it should be working, took me a few minutes to get
the configuration correct after putting in the necessary RCS utilities.

I'm not sure, but this sounds more like a usability question, rather than a
configuration question.  Is that the issue?  Or are you not able to get it
up and running?  In which case more details would help, such as what you see
when attempting to go to the cvsweb.cgi file through your web browser.

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From: Schwenk, Jeanie [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 6:25 PM
To: Cvs (E-mail)
Subject: cvsweb

Our sysadmin downloaded cvsweb for me so I could accomodate a couple
engineers here.  Exactly how does one run this?  Yes, this question is
devoid of details because I don't know where to start so cvsweb can be
utilized.  The sysadmin is clueless as well.   Yes, I've read the INSTALL
and README file, didn't help.  I have verified that netscape(4.75) and cgi
scripts run on our system.   The cvsweb.cgi and cvsweb.conf are installed in
the apache hierarchy correctly.  We have perl  5.6.1 and the GNU RCS
utilities are available.  It has physical access to the repository.


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