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answer to query regarding problems using commit as root

From: pavan kumar korlepara
Subject: answer to query regarding problems using commit as root
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 04:57:33 -0700 (PDT)

its there that cvs doesnot allow you to commit files
as root. but if u still want to do ur development work
as root, whatever may be the reasons, i dont see any
problems, if its ok with the user. linux users are
free to do whatever they want and however they like.
thatz the beauty of it. so if u like just follow the
instructions below.. and i think ur purpose will be

What i have tried is.. u work as root but login into
cvs as some other user [who holds the same priveleges
as root], to just let cvs know that the user is not
root. The 'cvs login' command is only allowed when
using the pserver method. so therez no big deal
setting up pserver, even if its ur local m/c. so i
think this clears the big idea...

This doesnt require u to recompile ur cvs source for
ur m/c.

[NOTE: I use the RedHat 7.1 linux distribution and
this works for me ]

so follow the instructions below...

1] complete all the formalities for setting up ur cvs
repository, cvs only prohibits commit operations for
root user.

2] create a new user a/c on ur m/c say 'troot' [temp
root] and set its primary group to root.

3] now setup the cvspserver for using cvs through the
pserver method. The procedures for setting up pserver
have been well documented in various FAQs for both
inetd and xinetd [even in this faq - how to setup a
pserver]. Remember to restart the xinetd deamon after
u setup the cvspserver service.

4] now setup the CVSROOT environment variable as


5] now do 
        'cvs login' .. it will prompt for a password..
enter it.. and there u r logged into the cvs as troot.

6] now do 'cvs checkout module-name' .. and now try
making changes in the files and also commit them.. 

i believe there wont be any problems doing this, if
any then drop me a mail at address@hidden

K.Pavan Kumar
Impetus Infotech Pvt (India) Ltd, 
Indore, India.

        - Parachutes work well when open, so do minds...


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