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change date of a commit

From: Matthew Herrmann
Subject: change date of a commit
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 09:52:30 +1000

Hi people,

this one's a particularly straightforward one (except it might be

basically, we are using a network file-based system (as opposed to
client/server, with win2k clients, linux server). Anyway, one of the
computers had the date wrong by 2 months when something was committed so
there's now some entries for 26 August instead of 26 June. Since the dates
are to be used for an automatic versioning system, this is going to be a
thorn in my side. Is there some way I can do this safely? If not, is there
some dodgy way I can do it? (I mean I can back up the CVS directory and just
copy it back if I stuff it up)

One approach I have considered is search/replace in multi-document editor
for 2001.08.27 etc. but I'm worried about caning something else in the
process. Needless to say I'm moving soon to a client/server model to avoid
this and similar issues.

I'm using Windows 2000 without awk and other such 3-letter worded tools

btw, the utility i need this for is a small vb thing which parses the output
from cvs log into:

cvs log > changes.log
parselog changes.log

- updated blah (Author: Joe Bloggs Branch: DOC_MGR_4_1_PATCHES)
- other commit (Author: Joe Bloggs Branch: faredge)
- other commit (Author: Eric Smythes Branch: faredge)
- yet another commit (Author: Joe Bloggs Branch: DOC_MGR_4_1_PATCHES)

- wefoij (Author: Joe Bloggs Branch: DOC_MGR_4_2_PATCHES)

which we needed for something a human could read to answer the question
"what have you guys changed in the past week"? Optionally, it can list which
files were changed in a given commit (it exploits uniqueness of commit
comment on a given day -- one would hope!! 'made changes' :-( ) If anyone
needs it let me know and I'll email it to them, (it needs vb runtimes
installed) or if this already existed and I reinvented the wheel please let
me know so I can use that instead. For us anyway there was a glaring need
and I'd be amazed if I was the first to need such a feature.

Thanks for any help,

Matthew Herrmann
Far Edge Technology

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