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Re: cvs diff problem

From: Matthew Riechers
Subject: Re: cvs diff problem
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 09:04:37 -0400

Boris wrote:
> Hello info-cvs,
> I have a little (misunderstanding?) problem with cvs diff, I hope
> someone can help me -((
> I just want to create a diff file from the beginning of a project
> until the latest version, tagged as "Feature08". The start tag is
> "start".
> Normally, hey just use
> cvs diff -r "start" -r "Feature08"
> or something like this, but I get a lot of error messages, that files
> added in the meantime are not tagged with "start" - this is problem
> #1.

What about 'cvs diff -r 1.1 -r Feature08'?


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