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maybe a bug in VMS cvs-client ?

From: Martin Eismann
Subject: maybe a bug in VMS cvs-client ?
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 09:53:29 +0200 (MEST)

Hello !

After importing my Pascal-sources from OpenVMS to a remote repositoy (on
SuSE Linux 7.0; Kernel 
2.4.5; CVS 1.11.1) i have troubles in "cvs checkout" these source on 
OpenVMS 7.3 (cvs-client version 1.9.27; with full system privileges). 
Following error message appears:

cvs [checkout aborted]: could not chdir to lzo_source/arch: invalid 

When checking out on linux-platform with the same cvs-checkout command no
errors occour!

Is this maybe a bug in VMS-CVS-client?

With hope of a reply!


Martin Eismann
Oracle Rdb DBA & Developer
Cretschmar Logistik GmbH, Duesseldorf,
Phone:  49-211-7402-147 / Mobile & Fax:

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