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RE: conflicts

From: Michael Schupp
Subject: RE: conflicts
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 08:04:26 -0400

Venessa Williams once wrote:
> I am trying to merge code from a Branch to the Trunk.
> Can you please help me figure out the reason for the
> following conflict?
> /*
> <<<<<<
> * $Header:,v 1.11 2001/04/30 21:31:33 user1 Exp
> $
> =========
> * $Header:,v 2001/06/15 16:45:05 user2
> Exp $
> >>>>>>>>
> */

this is pretty typical of branch merging when you are using the keywords..
the issue is, someone else has checked in the code under your last revision
but the only
place that the file changed on the same line was at the keyword.
so CVS generates a conflict on itself (so to speak)..

from the discription of your process, it sounds like standard 'dovetail
in my book a fine way to use branches.

this is what i do to run through a bunch of files that might have the above
 % for i in `cvs -nq up 2>&1 | awk '{if($1=="C")print $2}'`
 > do
 > vi ${i}
 > done

this will pop the confilter file into vi and as soon as you save and quit
vi, the next conflict just pops right in.. you can get through you conflicts
and finish the merge.

once again, the only reason this should be happening is because code on the
trunk got revised while the same code on the branch was revised, then the
two were merged. CVS is doing what it considers appropriate.


omina quia sunt lumina sunt

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