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RE: Renaming directory in repository--questions

From: Michael Schupp
Subject: RE: Renaming directory in repository--questions
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 08:14:46 -0400

Anita once wrote:
> I want to rename a directory;so for this,I need to
> move all files to the new directory,cvs remove from
> old directory,cvs add from new directory and commit.
> I want to re-name mmf to mmf_VT.
> So I created mmf_VT,added it to rep,mv Readme from mmf
> to mmf_VT and then committed it as revision 1.2(since
> it was 1.1 before),with the same name as before.
this sounds fine.
now what you have is two files.. one you just started in the new directory
called 'Readme' and another that will now appear "dead" (and in the attic)
called 'Readme' in mmf.

> When I do cvs log on the new Readme in mmf_VT,I only
> see 1.2 not 1.1.So where does it preserve the history
> of what was done?
the history of the first file is still with the first file.
the history of the second file has just started and is with the second file.

> When I do log from mmf in my working directory,I see
> the history before removing it.How do I get the whole
> history by the cvs log command?Even if I checkout
> Readme,it still shows only part of the history.
> Pls help as I am very confused.Did I do anything wrong
> in moving the file?I followed the manual for this.
the way you have done this, you might go back and just change the commit
message to something that references the old location and maybe why you
decided to move it. i.e.:
 % cvs admin -m1.2:"moved this file from mmf.."


there are many things in life you can be fashionably late to,
but the MGM Grand buffet is not one of them..

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