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RE: Renaming directory in repository--questions

From: Rajesh Patwardhan
Subject: RE: Renaming directory in repository--questions
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 12:57:22 -0400

> When I do log from mmf in my working directory,I see
> the history before removing it.How do I get the whole
> history by the cvs log command?Even if I checkout
> Readme,it still shows only part of the history.
> Pls help as I am very confused.Did I do anything wrong
> in moving the file?I followed the manual for this.
the way you have done this, you might go back and just change the commit
message to something that references the old location and maybe why you
decided to move it. i.e.:
 % cvs admin -m1.2:"moved this file from mmf.."
My thoughts:
1) make the new_dir as described from outside repository.
2) in the actual directories on the cvs repository copy concerned ,v files into the new_dir location.
Since all files are same (only under a different parent directory )it would also continue to have history at the new location.

I tried it on a test repository and it worked, but I am looking for input " if it is a good idea to it on the main cvs repository" ? I have to do a similar moving but we want all the history and previous versions available at the new location.


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