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RE: Renaming directory in repository--questions

From: Michael Schupp
Subject: RE: Renaming directory in repository--questions
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 13:43:10 -0400

Rajesh Patwardhan once wrote:
> My thoughts:
> 1) make the new_dir as described from outside repository.
> 2) in the actual directories on the cvs repository copy concerned ,v files
into the new_dir
> location.
> Since all files are same (only under a different parent directory )it
would also continue to
> have history at the new location.
> I tried it on a test repository and it worked, but I am looking for input
" if it is a good
> idea to it on the main cvs repository" ? I have to do a similar moving but
we want all the
> history and previous versions available at the new location.

sounds like to me this is the right solution to you.
i have messed with plenty of files in the actual CVSROOT before and
had a perfectly clean conscience.. if it were me id just tar the whole thing
before i made any changes i might not want to live with ;)



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