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RE: Two CVS Servers

From: Gianni Mariani
Subject: RE: Two CVS Servers
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 10:44:14 -0700

Short answer - don't do it.

The CVS repository contains all the history about your project. If you set
up a duplicate CVS server then it needs to have an exact copy of the history
of what is in the original CVS server *ALL THE TIME* hence there is no way
you can make a duplicate CVS server, well, at least at the moment.

I have done somthing similar when I had a really slow connection and I was
making a boat load of changes.  I had 2 checked out trees that I never
touched other than with CVS commands and copying files between them. I wrote
a program that would copy the changes from one tree to another ignoring the
CVS directories themselves, any new files would be cvs added and any missing
files would be cvs deleted.  I would then update resolve conflicts and
commit.  This method looses any log history.  I've not bothered since I now
have a dsl line and everything is fast enough to pop onto any other machine
I can connect to over the internet.

I suggest you have the sysadmin at work provide an ssh entry point on a so
that you can use ssh port forwarding (or somthing similar) to access the
main cvs server.  Once you have this you don't need to worry about a second
CVS server.

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Subject: Two CVS Servers


I work as a developer for a company that uses CVS extensively (it's brill!),
I wish to bring some work home with me (a glutten for punishment you may
I've setup CVS at home on my linux box, and I have a laptop that I use at
which I use to develop and update files from the work CVS server. I can
the laptop home with me.

Question is, how do I ensure that the CVS server at home retains the same
versioning system that we are using at work. I tried this and I noticed that
I firstly imported the module to the CVS server at home (from a good clean
checkout on my laptop) that the version numbers go something like this
on my home machine, yet at work they're up around 1.19 or something like

Then, the problem is when I attempt to "update" my laptop from my home
server (after modifying a few files), it complains because it can't find
1.19 on the server (as there's only on the server.

I'm using a crappy dial-up modem at work so it's not practical to sync to
work server.

Any advice would be appreciated. TIA.


David Harrigan.

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