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Re: Import/Conversion utility for CVS

From: John Minnihan
Subject: Re: Import/Conversion utility for CVS
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2001 12:59:27 -0700

address@hidden wrote:

> John Minnihan <address@hidden> writes:
> > See my signature line link for info about freepository.
> Looks good! Is there any practical difference between this and
> SourceForge, or is it just an alternative providing the same service?

Yes.  Three huge differences, and one small (but important to me):

1. A user can directly commit new revisions into a freepository through the
browser.  At last check, this was not possible at sourceforge.   No need to set
CVSROOT or understand arcane pserver incantations - or even command line cvs
for that matter.

2. No restrictions on project type at freepository (i.e. commercial projects
are OK)

3. Freepository projects are never public in the sourceforge sense - no one can
'browse' through the projects on freepository because they are all private.
You can make your project public to those you choose.  See the site for

4. Freepository was here first - August 1999.   I believe sourceforge came up
in Dec 1999

Look for vast improvements in fpV3.  I hope to roll that out in late September
of this year.

John Minnihan

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