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Re: The hated $Log$ keyword

From: Greg A. Woods
Subject: Re: The hated $Log$ keyword
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 17:49:30 -0400 (EDT)

[ On , July 7, 2001 at 18:22:09 (+0100), James Youngman wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: The hated $Log$ keyword
> What if there was a keyword like $Log$ but which expanded to the
> entire log history (with comment leaders)?   This would avoid the
> merge problem and surely cannot be too expensive to compute.
> Thoughts?

Why not just add "cvs log" to the release process??????

You can even use "rcs2log" to get ChangeLog-style files.

Using "cvs log" (or "cvs rlog") avoids all these silly problems related
to $Log once and for all!

If absolutely necessary I'm sure it wouldn't take any competent
programmer more than an hour or two to come up with a script that would
walk over the tree resulting from "cvs export -kv" and insert all of the
per-file log history into a comment at the top/bottom/middle of every

RCS keywords are evilly implemented at best, and $Header, $Log, and a
few similar are just totally evil from the get go.  Avoid them like the

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