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Re: Merging different types of files

From: John Minnihan
Subject: Re: Merging different types of files
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 07:01:45 -0700
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address@hidden wrote:


I don't see how the cvswrappers file can help me, because for the *same*
files I would like to see a different behavior, depending on the command.
When I check-out/check-in source files, I would like the keyword
substitutions to take place, e.g., I would like $Revision$ to be expanded to
the version of the file.
When I merge source files (in branches), I would like to avoid the keyword
substitutions so that I don't get "false conflicts" about the keywords.

Is there a solution for this? Is there a simple utility that eliminates the
"false conflicts" generated by the keyword substitution?

I read that I can determine a filter to work on each file based on its name
when the file is checked-out or checked-in, however, the manual also says
that these options are not available when you work in a client/server model.
(We currently don't use client/server, but we'll do so soon.)


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Subject: Re: Merging different types of files

Define the file handling in cvswrappers, such that the expansion mode is
appropriately applied on a per file basis rather than wholesale via a
line switch.

This technique is discussed in many places (probably this list archive for

address@hidden wrote:

and in general we're interested in the keyword substitution feature for


text files. However, the binary files are stored in the repository with


"-kb" option, to prevent the keyword substitution and the line-ending
conversions from taking place.

What is the right way to merge such a project?

John Minnihan





Ahhhh... now I understand your original question. I wrestled with this one some time back, and ultimately just turned off keywords. You can get the log info using other techniques. It doesn't have to be embedded in the file.

John Minnihan

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