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Attention CVS Zealots (was Re: "cvs [commit aborted]: cannot commit fil

From: John Minnihan
Subject: Attention CVS Zealots (was Re: "cvs [commit aborted]: cannot commit files as 'root'")
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 08:01:07 -0700
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address@hidden wrote:

cowed by the thought of having Greg yell at them for days that they're
unwilling to start, or if I'm told that no such patch will be accepted
to CVS, then it will die here.

I generally ignore rants, especially from Mr. Greg Woods. Greg - you're obviously very smart, and very well-informed about CVS, networking and general computing - but STFU already. You have become NOISE. Are you this boorish off-line?

I want to see CVS improve and will gladly host / administer any such efforts. In fact, I have planned to do so for quite some time in the context of my plans for freepository.

Anyone who desires to improve CVS - behavior, error messages, user interface, bells, whistles or documentation - please reply directly to me off this list. I have the time, desire, knowledge, hardware, and network infrastructure to make this happen.

Bullies and weasels Need Not Apply.

John Minnihan

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