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CVS & restricte ssh access

From: Giuseppe Milicia
Subject: CVS & restricte ssh access
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 19:57:09 +0200

Hi guys,

perhaps this is a bit off-topic... 

Anyway, I need to share a CVS repository located in my 
Personal directory on a Unix machine with a couple
of developers. We have no support from the system people
so I cannot create new groups/accounts etc.

Is there any way to grant these people access via SSH *only*
to use cvs??

I tried running ssh connection in a restricted shell
(via a command option in the authorized-keys file)
but I get this:

bash: Root: command not found
bash: Valid-responses: command not found
bash: valid-requests: command not found

Any ideas on how to pull this out??

Thank you,

-- Giuseppe

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