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SSH Authentication for CVS

From: QS CVS
Subject: SSH Authentication for CVS
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 18:46:56 -0000

I've been trying to set up SSH on Linux based server and Linux client and Windows client. One thing puzzles me is that I don't know which authentication method I should use for CVS.

It seems to me that both PublicKey and Password authentication require either passphrase or password. That causes every cvs command to prompt every time during the execution.

I have figured out a way to bypass the password/passphrase using hostbased authentication method for Linux client but I haven't figured out what would be an appropriate authentication for Windows client. Can someone make a recommendation in this regards?

Another problem is that I can do cvs command from MSDOS shell using ssh on a Windows client but I can't seem to do any CVS commands with WinCVS since it complains about rsh. I have selected ssh server for authentication. What am I missing in the set up for SSH in WinCVS? Any help will be appreciated.



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