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Re: Strategy of access

From: Andrzej_Michalec
Subject: Re: Strategy of access
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 10:16:16 +0200

>I'm not sure how strict you want to implement your policy,

I wish :) I could give each user selected rights to each subdirectory in
many ways - full access, read only or no access.  To do this each directory
(entry point to project) must be link up to many groups (with different
access rights) not only to one as Unix does.  So I consider patching RedHat
Linux to use ACL's on repository partition which enable this option.

> You might want instead to set up a repository administrator group and
> only give membership in it to trusted users:

Let see at this example:
user johny has been added to 'project_a' and 'project_b' and has full
access (he is in 'cvsadmin' group)
but there is no way to add him to 'project_c' with read-only access. If
johny is removed from
cvsadmin group he will unfortunatelly lose 'write' access to all projects
not only 'project_c'.

Still searching,

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