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Re: problem with remotehost

From: Heiko W. Rupp
Subject: Re: problem with remotehost
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 15:01:53 +0200

From: "Matthew Riechers" <address@hidden>
> Heiko Rupp wrote:
> > Just a warning / hint here: I had massive problems with
> > the cvs server on RH 7.0 with errors that souldn't be
> > (cvs update says "ignoring ., no such file).
> Does the local client (linux) work ok? What was the exact command you
> ran?

Client side on RH7 seemed ok. But: the regression tests failed even for
CVS, so I can't guarantee anything.

Command was cvs update -PdA

With a Server on Suse or Debian or Solaris, all is ok.


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