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New version of CVS access control patch available

From: minyard
Subject: New version of CVS access control patch available
Date: 10 Jul 2001 22:48:06 -0500

I have ported the access control patch to the newest verson of CVS,
fixed some bugs, and added some new features.  It's available on my
web page at

The access control path adds per-directory access control lists to CVS
(pserver) and the ability to do full user management (password
changing, adding/deleting users) from the CVS command line.  It's
certainly not perfect, but it does a pretty good job.  If someone
(maybe me) adds an SSL implmentation based on this, it would be pretty

This release adds:
* Lots of bug fixes and cleanups.  The new CVS directory/repository
  stuff was cleaned up and made much better, this cleaned up some of
  my patch.
* The ability to specify a prefix for the repository that the server
  will tack on to the beginning of the root directory.  So if your
  repository is in /home/cvs/root, you can set the prefix to /home/cvs
  and the clients will only need to specify :pserver:address@hidden:/root.  
  you can move the repository on the server's filesystem without
  affecting the users.
* For the access permissions, you can optionally allow them to
  propigate to subdirectories.  I don't personally like this very
  much, but a lot of other people do, so I added it.

If you use this patch, an upgrade is highly recommended.


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