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Best way to share repositories

From: Eric Hawkins
Subject: Best way to share repositories
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 17:29:25 -0400

Due to corporate paranoia, we cannot open our network to let our
customer access our common CVS repository. We are working on a design
together. That means every other week we have to tar and zip the entire
thing and send it to the other party, and sit on top of check-in's until
we get it back from them.

My methodology for handling the data transfer is to move the existing
repository into a .bak, untar the latest repository, make sure my
CVSROOT is pointing to the latest, go to my working directory and do an
"update." At the end of the week, I tell everyone to quit checking-in
and adding, tar/zip the entire thing, and ftp back to customer. Brain

Anyone have suggestions on how to properly/efficiently/elegantly handle
the hand-off with the customer, and the updates from the customer. I am
a newbie in need of help. Thanks!

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