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Mulitple Repositories

From: Vivek
Subject: Mulitple Repositories
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 17:18:36 +0530

                I'm using cvs-1.11.1 on a linux box. I would like to know how I can implement security in CVS.
                Currently i'm having only one repository and hence whoever is logging into CVS can do any modification to any module.
                Hence, I wanted to implement multiple repositories by which I can restrict the users access by readers and writers files.
                But I'm facing problem in starting the CVS service as the number of characters exceeds 256.
                Hence I'm able to configure maximum of 4 as of now. I want to create around 15 repositories in a single server.
                Can u pls suggest me how to configure more than 5-6 repositories in a single server?
Thanks and Regards

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