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Re: Mulitple Repositories

From: Karl-Heinz Marbaise
Subject: Re: Mulitple Repositories
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 16:23:25 +0200

Hi there,

>                 I'm using cvs-1.11.1 on a linux box. I would like to
> know how I can implement security in CVS.
>                 Currently i'm having only one repository and hence
> whoever is logging into CVS can do any modification to any module.
>                 Hence, I wanted to implement multiple repositories by
> which I can restrict the users access by readers and writers files.
>                 But I'm facing problem in starting the CVS service as
> the number of characters exceeds 256.
>                 Hence I'm able to configure maximum of 4 as of now. I
> want to create around 15 repositories in a single server.
>                 Can u pls suggest me how to configure more than 5-6
> repositories in a single server?
Take a look on this link:

This describes exactly what you need.

I hope it helps.

Kind Regards.

Dipl.-Ing. Karl Heinz Marbaise | Phone: +49 (241) 4 13 26 - 48
QIS Systemhaus GmbH Aachen     | Fax  : +49 (241) 4 13 26 - 40
Juelicher Strasse 338          | Internet:
52070 Aachen                   | e-mail  : address@hidden

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