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Re: How well does CVS handle other types of data?

From: Mike Castle
Subject: Re: How well does CVS handle other types of data?
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 08:22:54 -0700
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On Thu, Jul 12, 2001 at 01:10:55AM -0400, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> there your build process can easily be constructes to always pull the
> appropriate revision of a binary file into any given release build.

Except that that is a bit of a pain in the ass to support for remote

Whereas, if one uses cvs, you get the benefit of supporting one method for
shipping the data over the wire:  The cvs protocol.

And you still have the same damned merging problem.  Now it's just down to
one line of text representing what binary file to pull in during the build
process.  The problem has not been solved doing this.

On the other hand, you do gain the benefit of not having to deal with cvs
possibly running out of memory as it's processing a huge rcs archive with
lots of versions in it.

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