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Re: which version to use ???

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Re: which version to use ???
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 08:47:45 -0700

I don't think it really matters what KIND of machine you are using, as long
as it will run Linux.  I am currently using an old IBM Aptiva running Red
Hat Linux 6.1 with CVS 1.11.1p1, and it works just fine.

Generally speaking, later versions of CVS are better, but just about any
version of CVS will work.  Red Hat Linux 6.1 includes a version of CVS (I
_think_ it is in the neighborhood of 1.10.x, but it might be older) which
should work fine, but you can always upgrade to the latest (which is

- Dennis

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From: "FOULON Pascal OCISI" <address@hidden>
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Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001 6:55 AM
Subject: which version to use ???


Fist of all, I'm a newbie about Linux & CVS.

I'm in charge of installing a CVS server to be repository of 2 NT Web

For the CVS server, I wish to use an "old" Siemens Primergie 5000 server
with a Pentium 200 Mhz , 64 Mb RAM,  3 X 2 Gb HD (with  RAID5),
installed with Linux Red Hat 6.1

My questions :

1° Is it possible to use such a platform as a CVS server under Linux
2° If yes, between all CVS version available ( )
which is the most reliable version of CVS for that kind of server ????

(Note : if necessary, i could upgrade Linux to Red Hat 6.2 or 7.1 ....)

Thanks for any answer

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