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Re: How well does CVS handle other types of data?

From: Lan Barnes
Subject: Re: How well does CVS handle other types of data?
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:59:25 -0700

"Greg A. Woods" wrote:
> > From: Lan Barnes [mailto:address@hidden
> >
> > I really fail to see the technical reason for deprecating using CVS
> > archives to store -- and tag -- binaries necessary for a build. The
> > disk space involved is a nonissue for us (space is cheap), and the
> > issue of avoiding simultaneous edits exists under any system.
> No, it most certainly does not!  Systems that do not support branching
> and concurrent editing automatically avoid the issue in the first place!
> Perhaps you should look at Aegis, and BCS too....  or any versioning
> system that does not support concurrent editing and branching and/or
> which is based on the primary concept of maintaining one stable baseline.
> > I could wish that this almost visceral disdain for binary source that some
> > in the CVS community seem to feel would soften a bit. Binary source is a
> > reality of many projects.
> I think you're missing the point.  CVS does not fully support
> non-mergable files.  Period.  It cannot, by the very virtue of its
> design goals!  What little support it gives is completely misleading
> and almost always leads to future problems!
> > I agree that a totally binary project might be
> > better served by some other tool. But if I'm dealing with an icon or .gif
> > that has changed from release to release, especially in size, then I damn
> > well want it to be archived with version labels.
> So put your non-mergable files in some other tracking system (even one
> so simple as to use pathname-based identifiers), and modify your build
> system sources (eg. scripts and makefiles) so that they will implicitly
> match up your CVS tags with the identifiers used for the non-mergable
> file repository!  Doins this is so simple it's child's play and it
> completely and totally avoids all issues with binary file handling in CVS!

You've made your position abundantly clear, and yet I still do not
understand your ideas -- nor your vehemence. So what is left is that we

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