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cvs add question

From: John Lash
Subject: cvs add question
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 19:18:13 -0500
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I have extracted a directory from CVS using a non-branch label off the trunk of the source tree.

cvs checkout -r MYLABEL foo

I want to add a file in that directory but I want to add it on a branch (MYBRANCH). The first thing I tried to do was "cvs add -r MYBRANCH newfile.C". I then discovered that -r is not a valid argument to add. I spent a few minutes looking thru the man page and then the Cederqvist to understand how add works in the presence of a non-branch label.

I eventually got the file added to the branch but had to temporarily modify the CVS/Tag file to make it contain "TMYBRANCH", then flip it back to the original "NMYLABEL". yuck.

I'm curious if there is a better/safer/saner way to do it? Also, are there negative side effects of using this trick. And finally, has anybody considered allowing use of the -r option on the add command?

Strangely enough, there are reasons for doing all this which I can explain if anybody cares.


John Lash       address@hidden

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