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RE: How well does CVS handle other types of data?

From: Sven Dowideit
Subject: RE: How well does CVS handle other types of data?
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 11:06:30 +1000

Greg - what is wrong with providing extra support for non-mergable files?


Would it not be more useful to be able to set a file to be non-mergable, and
then add support to require a lock to be placed on that file before changes
can be allowed to be committed.. this neatly bypasses the multi-user merging
issue while still providing the ability to have all the required files for
deploying a system in one place.
The only remaining issue would be the merging of branches, and again this
seems trivial - simply leave it up to the user to decide what to do!

I come from the group of developers (which i thought was in the majority
until i came here..) that want to be able to build an application by doing
no more than 2 steps.

   * cvs -d pserver::address@hidden:/thingy co app
   * make app

and i do not have file system access to some other directory as i am working

I don't think that any of us really want cvs to merge non-mergable files,
just to provide for what we consider a reality - some way of more gracefully
handling them..


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> > Subject: Re: How well does CVS handle other types of data?
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> > You've made your position abundantly clear, and yet I still do not
> > understand your ideas -- nor your vehemence. So what is left is that we
> > disagree.
> It's really very very simple.  Perhaps the problem is that these issues
> are actually simpler than many people want them to be.  Various people
> continue to try to suggest the impossible, and then refuse to accept the
> plain simple facts.  You appear to be among them.  You cannot have your
> cake and have eaten it too!  You can't have good support for change
> management of non-mergable files in a version control system who's very
> design and core functionality hinges on the ability to easily and
> automatically do three-way merges betweeen revisions.  The more
> unmergable files you add to a normal (i.e. a non-vendor-branched) CVS
> repository, the more likely you'll run into increasingly difficult
> problems.  The fewer unmergable files you have the easier it is to treat
> them as special cases.
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