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Re: Correct options for export

From: Ingolf Steinbach
Subject: Re: Correct options for export
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 21:30:38 +0200

On Thursday, 12. July 2001 23:45, Eric Siegerman wrote:
> Better would be to add an "f" suboption to -k:
>     - "-kv" would be changed as we're discussing, to say
>       "override the stored keyword setting, except for 'b'"
>     - "-kvf" would do what "-kv" does now -- always
>       overrides the stored setting, even for 'b'
> Note that the "f" should NOT be stored in the ,v file; it should
> be strictly a modifier to the current "cvs" command.
> "cvs admin" should honour this "-kf" suboption too.  This solves
> the problem of someone going "cvs admin -kkv ." and recursively
> clobbering any binary-file settings in their project.

I like this idea. What about applying it to every command which accepts a
-k option? If time permits, I'd have a look at it...


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