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Re: intermittent rsh 'connection refused'

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: intermittent rsh 'connection refused'
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 23:54:51 -0400 (EDT)

Lucas Bergman writes:
> I have a repository that is accessed via rsh on my company's local
> net, which we've been using for about 9 months.  Once in a while,
> though, access is suddenly cut off.  One does 'cvs update', and after
> no output for around thirty seconds, one finally gets error messages:
> Connection refused
>   cvs [update aborted]: end of file from server \
>     (consult above messages if any)
> Normally the problem corrects itself within five to as long as sixty
> minutes.  It seems to happen more often when lots of big check-ins are
> happening, and the problem seems to correct itself more slowly if a
> lot of developers are banging on it, but that's pure anecdote, no real
> evidence to back it up.

See the last paragraph -- it's talking about pserver, but the same thing
can happen with rsh and it sounds like that's your problem.

-Larry Jones

The problem with the future is that it keeps turning into the present.
-- Hobbes

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