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CVS 1.11 & modules file: Cederqvist bug?

From: Steve James
Subject: CVS 1.11 & modules file: Cederqvist bug?
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 22:37:23 +0100

Hi folks,

I want to run a client-side script on update (pserver). Fine, according to 
the Cederqvist, I can do this using the '-u' option in the 'modules' file. 
Unfortunately (for me) the script I specify is run on the *server* not the 
client. Can anyone else corroborate this please? Depending on how you look at 
it, this is either a bug in CVS or the document. I anticipate the latter. 


-- background:- --
Below is the relevant line in my modules file. To simplify things, the script 
is actually just 'ls'

        ste/test -u ls ste/test 

Here's the output from 'cvs up' on the client (pserver)

        cvs server: Updating .
        cvs server: Executing ''ls' '/home/cvs/root/ste/test''

The first two lines are a bit of a hint that the script is going to run on 
the server -- it says it's doing just that. The last two lines are adequate 
proof that it's done so, since I can see the repository's files.

Here's what I presume to be the bug in the doc (this is in the node "Module 
program options"):-

The commit and update programs are locally-based, and are run as
   The program is always run locally. One must re-checkout the tree one
is using if these options are updated in the modules administrative
file. The file CVS/Checkin.prog contains the value of the option `-i'
set in the modules file, and similarly for the file CVS/Update.prog and
`-u'. The program is always executed from the top level of the
checked-out copy on the client. Again, the program is first searched
for in the checked-out copy and then using the path.

Perhaps this was correct for an older version of CVS?
I'm using CVS pserver & doc  1.11.1p1 on Linux, Win95 client 1.11.

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