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Accessing CVS files during commit (via a script)

From: Mark McDonald
Subject: Accessing CVS files during commit (via a script)
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 07:48:17 -0700 (PDT)

Does anyone know how this works?!

> I am using the CVS Open Source Development book as a
reference to make a
> script that will run upon a cvs commit. Basically
> I am trying to do is open up the file that is being
> committed to a repository. 
> On page 132 of the CVS book (in the top note
> this book states that '

  the file names passed to the program
> do not refer to the RCS files --they point to normal
> files, whose contents are exactly the same as the
> working-copy files being committed. The only unusual
> aspect is that CVS has them temporarily places 
> the repository, so they'll be available to the
> programs running on the machine where the repository
> is located.'
> I have basically tried everything to locate these
> files so I can do things with them. In this case I
> trying to copy the contents to webservers on this
> other networks.
> I have check the news groups and CVS's homepage
> in search of this info. Perhaps you could give me a
> tip!
> Anything about where I can find and open these files
> would be helpful!
> Thanks in advance!

Please email (or cc) me directly as I am not a member
of this group!
>-- MMD

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