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From: Weber, Mathias-Henry 1254 PPW-P1
Subject: RE:
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 11:05:34 +0200

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Venessa Williams [mailto:address@hidden
> Hello,
> I am trying the rtag command as follows:
> cvs rtag -r My_BRANCH My_07162001 project
> rtag is failing with the following message:
> cvs server: cannot exec
> /project/repository/CVSROOT/  Connection
> timed out
> cvs server:  Pre-tag check failed
> cvs [server aborted]: correct the above errors first!
> Can someone help me correct the above errors.  What am
> I doing wrong?

The script "/project/repository/CVSROOT/" cannot be executed.
Check whether it exists and whether it has the executable bit set. Maybe you
have a file,v in that directory. In this case you need to add
the file to "checkoutlist" (and don't forget to set the executable bit).


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