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RE: Conflict marker detection debate

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: RE: Conflict marker detection debate
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 09:30:04 -0400

Yes, indeed.  That solution involves allowing diff/merge tool pluggin into CVS.


OK, let's see if I can't understand this better.

Mr. Woods' point of view is this:  CVS should only be used in ways that
allow automatic merging to take place.

Others' point of view is this:  People use CVS in many ways because for most
people it is easier to deal with its attempts to merge things that are
inherently unmergeable than it is to find and use another tool.

Both of these points of view are valid.  CVS either exists as an inviolate
form, or its form takes the shape of whatever we make it.  And when you
think of this debate in those terms, it's pretty blindingly obvious that
what we have here is a genuine, bona fide religious discussion.  We might as
well have both sides nominating priests!

What we really need to consider is the other side's point of view.

There is an inherent value in ensuring that CVS files are always mergeable.
There is also an inherent value in modifying CVS to better support
unmergeable files.

Although these points of view seem utterly contradictory, if we take both
points of view into consideration, we'll see that there is a solution that
can satisfy both points of view.

 Jimmy Rimmer, Software Engineer           address@hidden
"Keeping a positive attitude, if nothing else, will annoy enough people
 along the way to make it worth the effort."                 --Lord Hep

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