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Re: Coflict marker detection proposal

From: Lan Barnes
Subject: Re: Coflict marker detection proposal
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 11:13:30 -0700

It has been the practice in shops where I work to archive a program's docs
in the repository and to apply appropriate version tags to these docs. IMO
it is a good practice, and I plan to continue to do it, and to teach it,
with whatever CM tool I use or consult on.

I bring it up in this thread for the following reason: Documentation
frequently has to contain programmatic sentinel text markers, and these
markers have to be excluded from munging and modification by the tools
used. For example, you cannot explain the use of "$Log$" or "$Id$" in
documentation, and then archive those docs in RCS, unless you tell RCS not
to expand the keywords in the document. (Please note that this is true
whether the documents are binary, like MS Word, or ASCII text, written in

For this practical reason I believe that it's important for CVS to allow
commits of files that contain textual examples of conflict markers. I would
be interested in the counter arguments of anyone feeling my argument has no

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