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Re: Coflict marker detection proposal

From: Greg A. Woods
Subject: Re: Coflict marker detection proposal
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 20:08:09 -0400 (EDT)

[ On Tuesday, July 17, 2001 at 17:59:57 (-0400), Noel L Yap wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Coflict marker detection proposal
> Doesn't this depend on how the info files were created?

Yes, but not in the way you're hoping!  ;-)

>  If people are
> maintaining them with text editors, then they most certainly are source files.

and if that's the case then there's never going to be a need for them to
commit such files with recognizable conflict markers, and every reason
why they would want to avoid doing so in the first place....

> Or are you now going to argue that since they can be generated, that they must
> not be source files?

If they are generated then they are not source files, by definition.

If they're not generated then you don't want recognizable conflict
markers in them because such things *WILL* be confused for real conflict
markers inserted by CVS.

> There are now four people against your proposal, one of whom has done the 
> search
> you asked for and found files matching your original criteria, and one person
> for your proposal.

Hmmm.... I don't see any such tally of votes.  The list of files found
was just that, an unadorned list of files.  No vote recorded there (not
that votes are what counts here)....

So far I've seen more caveats and opinions from "the other side" than
any well reasoned arguments....

>  When are you going to accept the fact that this doesn't
> belong in the distribution (at least not without a simple workaround -- I 
> prefer
> "cvs ci -f" myself)?

When are you going to accept that fact that open source is not
democratic (no matter who controls the keys to the distribution)?

I've already offered two potential workarounds too, BTW....

                                                        Greg A. Woods

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