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Use of CVS for manufacturing software control

From: Steve . Brenne
Subject: Use of CVS for manufacturing software control
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 12:39:23 -0700

     I work in a test engineering department of a company in which my
department is responsible for providing/maintaining test software for to a
manufacturing organization.  CVS is used in our company on the
hardware/software development side.  It has been used minimally in our
manufacturing environment.  Within the manufacturing environment the needs
are to download new software and verify existing software in manufacturing
is current, there is no need to modify/compile software in manufacturing.
Our plan is to make more wide spread use of CVS for this purpose.  As CVS
is mainly meant for control of software in the development environment, is
this use of CVS practical?  Or does anyone know of other software controls
methods that would be better suited for control of software in a
manufacturing environment.

Steve Brenne
Test Engineer

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