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Re: Results of egrep -l '^<<<<<<< |^=======$|^>>>>>>> |^\|\|\|\|\|\|\| '

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: Results of egrep -l '^<<<<<<< |^=======$|^>>>>>>> |^\|\|\|\|\|\|\| '
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 18:04:11 -0700

>--- Forwarded mail from address@hidden (Greg Woods):

>[ On Wednesday, July 18, 2001 at 15:56:51 (-0700), Paul Sander wrote: ]
>> Subject: Re: Results of egrep -l '^<<<<<<< |^=======$|^>>>>>>> 
>> |^\|\|\|\|\|\|\| '
>> Perhaps, but getting the vendor to accept the change and put it into their
>> own distribution for their next drop is another story.

>That's also not relevant to this discussion.  Who cares?  Who's even to
>say that you're even going to try to send any changes back to the
>vendor?  This is not a CVS issue in any way shape or form!!!!!

You seem to forget that CVS is in the equation somewhere, that someone in
this shop must import it as-is, and make local modifications.  It's not
uncommon for shops that license source code of other shops' source code
to exchange ports and bug fixes.  I personally did it for both System V
and Solaris sources, as well as some free software.  In all cases, the
vendors were not receptive to gratuitous changes, so anything we did to
appease CVS was rejected.

In cases like this, if CVS *requires* a change to the source code to make
CVS allow it to be stored in its repository, then we would face a unwanted
and unneeded and arbitrary overhead.  So yes, this is definitely a CVS
issue.  CVS must not impose any restrictions on the files it accepts into
its repository.

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