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RE: using the right tool for the job!

From: Gray, Ryan
Subject: RE: using the right tool for the job!
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 11:57:09 -0600

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From: address@hidden [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Wednesday 18 July 2001 18:33
To: address@hidden
Subject: Info-cvs digest, Vol 1 #761 - 14 msgs

> I hope you appreciate it this once, but now don't make me send this to
> y'all again!  ;-)
> --FltOourDtc
> Content-Type: image/jpeg
> Content-Description: Friends don't let friends use CVS for binary files.
> Content-Disposition: inline;
>       filename="RightTool.jpg"


Oh look - it's Greg pissing on all the trees again trying to mark his
territory.  It is me or does this guy look to be about 12 years old?  If
he's so clever about the mail attachment thing, why didn't he think about
those subscribing to the digest version?  

How many are on this list?  And Greg is one person?  Since I'm relatively
new to this list, I've apparently missed why Greg thinks he is so important.
I'm sure Greg or someone will tell me, but I don't really care who he is
unless he's address@hidden

Ryan Gray

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