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Re: Fw: starting new project how-to

From: Greg A. Woods
Subject: Re: Fw: starting new project how-to
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 14:10:38 -0400 (EDT)

[ On Thursday, July 19, 2001 at 12:31:45 (+0300), Nils9 wrote: ]
> Subject: Fw: starting new project how-to
> I'm planning to set up new module, and I want make sure
> that this time everything goes smooth, at least now I have some
> experience. Please tell if I'm missing something there. Maybe
> some other hints. Thanks. Repository is on RadHat:
> create folder foo in cvs root
> create user group
> add users
> assign the rw to user&group of the foo
> do chmod g+s foo
> (set up loginfo/taginfo to perform email notifications)
> perform initial import
> perform admin -b to leave the avendor alone
> other config steps like cvsup replication, etc.

You might want to avoid using "cvs import" in the first place....

Instead of doing an import you can create a blank empty working
directory by checking out your new module (without -P, of course, which
probably means you have to use "cvs -f checkout newmodule"):

     $ mkdir junk
     $ cd junk
     $ cvs import -m "new directory for newmodule" newmodule junk start
     $ cd ..
     $ rmdir junk
     $ cd /work
     $ cvs -f checkout newmodule

and then populating that working directory with the initial revisions of
all the files (including any new directories) you wish to add to the

     $ cd /work/oldprojectdir
     $ make maintainer-clean
     $ pax -rw . /work/newmodule

Then you simply add all the files (and new directories):

     $ cd /work/newmodule
     $ cvs add *
     $ for subdir in $(find . type d -print); do
     >> cd $subdir;
     >> cvs add *
     >> cd /work/DIR
     >> done
     $ cvs commit -m 'initial commit to CVS'

There'll be no vendor branch in any of the files in your new module
despite the fact that you created the initial directory for the new
module using "cvs import" (all that did was create the directory itself).

All of this is better explained in the manual *after* you've applied the
patches I posted recently for improving the "Setting up the files" node.

                                                        Greg A. Woods

+1 416 218-0098      VE3TCP      <address@hidden>     <address@hidden>
Planix, Inc. <address@hidden>;   Secrets of the Weird <address@hidden>

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