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Re: What about tommorrow?

From: Greg A. Woods
Subject: Re: What about tommorrow?
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 16:58:08 -0400 (EDT)

[ On Thursday, July 19, 2001 at 13:00:35 (-0700), DAve Goodrich wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: What about tommorrow?
> I apologize, I do not write C. To those who only
> 1) use open source software
> 2) defend open source software
> 3) test open source software
> 4) promote open source software in the workspace
> the "tell us what you will do" jab is a queue to leave the discussion. I've
> watched others go down that rocky road and I'm just too tired to pursue it.

OK, I understand.  I didn't want to assume either way from the outset
that you could or could not do any active contribution to the

There are leaders, and there are followers, and there are those of us
who taunt both from the side of the road....  ;-)

Open/free software, as opposed to commercial software, will only evolve
and change if there's either someone with vision to do the development
(or at least lead it).  Otherwise it'll stay more or less as it is (at
least in general -- bug fixes and minor tweaks aside).

Is there really any problem for you if CVS stays more or less as it is?

(this is your queue to join in and taunt the rest of them with ideas
that you think CVS should take on even though you might not actively
participate in making them come to fruition :-)

If my paying job were more (often) directly focused on CVS then I'd have
probably created my own release long ago.  However as it is I'm mostly
just a user of CVS too and I only maintain my own local hacks as I see
fit for my own use, and I merely moan and complain in public when some
bug or feature I'm not willing to privately maintain gets in my way.  I
don't have the time or engergy to polish my release into a form suitable
for general release.  Usually when/if I punt my changes out to the rest
of the community it's just to try to measure the response of anyone
paying attention to see if I've made any drastic mistakes or not; and
perhaps in some vain attempt to give support back to the community in
the hope that at least someone will find what I've done to be useful in
their private version too.

If, heaven forbid, one of my own hacks makes it back into what we know
of as the general public release, well then that would be just
wonderful.  However it's not something I hold any expectations for (even
though I'm marginally still a "CVS developer") and as a result it's not
really meaningful for me to say what I see as the future of the general
public CVS release.

There are, I suspect, almost as many private versions of CVS as there
are active participants in this forum!  ;-)

                                                        Greg A. Woods

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