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Re: taginfo file

From: Edouard Cugni
Subject: Re: taginfo file
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 08:36:53 +0200 (MET DST)


> Now, the taginfo file only gets 10 command line arguments, $0 thru $9.  The
> first file tagged would be $4 and its rev $5.  This means that I only get
> the first 3 files and their rev. numbers.
> I need all file names and rev. numbers.  Is there a way?

I have modified the script (I think a common script used by
CVS users, and referenced by the book of Karl Vogel) to change it in a

So, with this script, I get all the files and their revision numbers, to 
generate a log message like this one:


Date       :    Tuesday July 10, 2001 @ 14:10
Author     :    edouard

Tag        :    tag_branch_name_test_2
Operation  :    add
Repository :    /home/fs05_h1/special/inicore/cvs/ipcvs/SCI/circuit

iniSCI.vhd              :       1.5
iniSCI_1p.vhd           :       1.3
iniSCI_2p.vhd           :       1.2
iniSCI_3p.vhd           :       1.8
iniSCI_4_1p.vhd         :       1.2
iniSCI_4_2p.vhd         :
iniSCI_4_3p.vhd         :       1.4
iniSCI_4_4p.vhd         :       1.3
iniSCI_4p.vhd           :       1.4
iniSCI_5p.vhd           :       1.3
iniSCI_typedef.vhd              :
iniSCIs.vhd             :       1.2
iniSCIs_1p.vhd          :       1.2
iniSCIs_2_1p.vhd                :       1.2
iniSCIs_2_2p.vhd                :       1.2
iniSCIs_2p.vhd          :       1.3
iniSCIs_3p.vhd          :       1.2
iniSCIs_4p.vhd          :       1.2
iniSCIs_5p.vhd          :       1.2


And so getting with perl more than 10 arguments from the command line.
If someone want my script, I will be pleased to send it (as I don't think that
attachement to a list is good feature).

This script now send to a log file and to as many mail address you want, this
log message when a tag is done. Actually, the script generate one log message
per sub-directory of your tagge module. The next step I would include in this
script, is that it send only one mail per module (grouping all directories
and their files).

 Edouard Cugni

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