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Empty directories

From: irina sturm
Subject: Empty directories
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 14:51:28 +0200


I've noticed the following behaviour
related to empty directories and I wonder
if this is normal.

I have a repository with directory doc
as follows:
        doc -> dir_1
            -> dir_2
            -> dir_1_1
Directories dir_1 and dir_2 contain files
only on the branches br_1 and br_2.
Directory dir_1_1 contained files on
branch br_1, but they have been all
removed (cvs remove).

When I do

        cvs co doc

I get dir_1, dir_2 and dir_1_1 empty,
while I thought -P was implicit with
cvs co (when I perform "cvs co -P doc,
directories dir_1, dir_2 and dir_1_1

But if I do

        cvs co -r br_1 doc

I get only dir_1 and dir_2, so it is
like -P is now implicit.

Is that normal, or am I missing something?


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